Christmas Fundraising 2011 is completed


The fund-raising for Christmas Celebrations for the year 2011,  ended  yesterday. The 2011 activities has to do with  purchase of wheel-chairs for disabled persons’ homes and for food items and other necessities to orphanage homes in Benin City (Edo State) Nigeria.

The total amount raised officially is € 1.245,00, sent by international bank transfer, through our Nigerian legal representative,  AIMOFUMEH LAWHOUSE 46, Plymouth Road, Benin City.

The Founder Honorary president of Rock of Fire ONLUS, Dr. Julius Agoh, will personally distribute the various materials/food-items to the homes concerned. We are not disappointed of our sustainers, that despite the prevalent bleak economic situation,  still did all within their possibilities to sustain us.

We want to say a big “THANK YOU” to our Italian supporters who has always been there for us.You will find on our website, the latest pictures of our activities in Benin City, and we truly appreciate all those who helped in the realization of our projects to the needy.

21 December 2011