Who we are


Rock of fire  onlus is a non-profit International humanitarian organisation which principal aim is to promote socio-sanitary assistance to disadvantaged communities and persons both in Italy and to other parts of the world, with particular emphasis on orphans, abandoned children, widows and street kids with difficult parental background.

The organisation was born out of the unrelenting efforts and determination of her founder Pastor Julius Agoh, to bring solidarity and social sustenance to his home-country, Nigeria.    It is on record that Nigeria is the fifth largest crude-oil exporting country in the world but sadly enough, reliable statistics have shown that since her independence from the United Kingdom in October 1st 1960, no real economic growth have been seen.

Pastor Julius Agoh,  of Nigerian origin, a graduate in air-transport technology, founder and honorary president of Rock of Fire onlus non-profit International humanitarian organisation, has spent most part of his life in Italy, dedicating same to fighting against human trafficking  (prostitution and child labour). As Pastor he helped to reintegrate hundreds of ex-prostitutes, ex-convicts back into the civil societies both in Italy and Nigeria. He also has worked in partnership with Rome Municipal Council (Centro di pronto intervento minori), the Italian prison authorities (Tribunale Ordinario di Latina) and several humanitarian associations among which is Comunità di Sant’Egidio.

The inspirational driving force behind Rock of Fire onlus as an international humanitarian organisation, is the unconditional love for the voiceless and down trodden, which is manifested through acts of solidarity and concrete assistance. All these positive and love laden sustenance to the needy are interwoven in the organisation’s motto: “the hand of solidarity is powerful”.