First of all, because our organization is made up of a great number of  women who are engaged  in various professions.  Then…..

 It is a known fact  that the African domestic economy is predominately  feminine. Most  African women because of African cultural setting,   are compelled to engage  in micro commercial activities. We know that some of these African women who lost their husbands in civil wars are,  more often than not,  abandoned without social  welfare either  from the government or  from members of their families.  These women who are mostly widows or from extremely poor families  have to fend for themselves and their  children through subsistent farming. These social and economic  struggle for survival  are without insurance cover or healthcare.

Nigerian women like  most women in other African countries are hardworkingambitious and  have the desire to excel in their various fields. They have the motivation  the determination and energy to build for themselves  and their immediate families,  a better life.

The Nigerian woman  is the heart, the soul and the propeller of her family and the community at large.

In financial matters  she is fiscally responsible, competent and diligent on how money is managed  and spent.

With all these qualities and potentialities, the most prominent  obstacle is access to loan.  Having an access to loan enables us to prosper and to progress. The Nigerian women only ask for opportunities for wealth-creations  and not charity.  Through a sustainable projects we can  assist the Nigerian women by creating  an avenue for commercial and manufacturing activities as a  source of  profit and wealth-creation.


Rock of Fire ONLUS microcredit proposals  are based on trust given to individual women to commence a business activity and expand the already existing ones.  With the growth  of their businesses  the women  become  entrepreneurs capable of feeding their families and sending their children to school. These women entrepreneurs now become  role models for the greater society and are able to live a full life and also recognized  as valuable members of the society. Every nation in the world in every historic moment has  been developed through commercial, industrial and manufacturing activities.  These activities are currently under developed in Africa and that is why Rock of Fire ONLUS would like to offer this opportunity. These  project proposals  from Rock of Fire ONLUS in collaboration with local partners,  offers loans of  a minimum of  50,00 Euro and a maximum of 2.000,00 Euro.

Types of business financed by microcredit are:

Small-scale  poultry  farm

Family goat farm

Cultivation of agricultural products

Tailoring business

Hair-dressing saloons



With an initial minimum capital of 50,00 euro a woman  entrepreneur can buy  hens. With time this hens will multiply, produce eggs,  giving room for the expansion of the business. With 100,00 euro she could buy a sewing machine which could use to sew clothes for sale. With a bigger amount of money she could rent  a portion of  land to work on to resale the harvest. These are simple examples.     Professional advice and consultancy services are employed to support the women at  the start-up stage. If more women desire to start a business together, they will have to form a cooperative-society. The repayment period of loan could go from 6 to 12 months and even for longer period  if the amount involved is consistent (this loan will be refunded after the seventh month of activity). The word  “solidarity” means to  create an atmosphere  of  trust ; what you give and offer will produce concrete solutions.

Finally …..


The main objective  of Rock of Fire ONLUS through microcredit is to offer credit to potential women  entrepreneurs who are most times socially undervalue. Now this  microcredit offer is principally to fight against poverty and to improve the family economic outlook. The Microcredit contracts are managed by AIMOFUMEH LAWHOUSE (Benin City, Edo State – Nigeria). This Microcredit doesn’t attract any interest

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