Nigeria is located in western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. The country has a wide array of mineral resources as well as oil, but its economic development had been hindered by years of mismanagement that put Nigeria back on track towards achieving its full economic potential.
Despite the presence of the oil industry, Nigeria is predominantly still an agricultural society. Decline in agricultural production in Nigeria began with the advent of the petroleum boom and now the agricultural holdings are generally small and scattered.
Waste management presents problems in Nigerian cities, especially in mega city like Lagos, where the haphazard industrial planning, increased urbanization, poverty and lack of competence of the local government council, hold sway.
Maternal and infant mortality remain high. Child labor is widespread and the country experiencies tragedies as that of the month of June 2010 in Zamfara State, where at least 170 people, mostly children, have died after being exposed to high levels of lead.
The spread of poverty comes from the past civil war, dictatorial regimes and political instability. For this last reason humanitarian organizations controlled their interventions in Nigeria.

Full name: The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Population: 158.2 million (UN, 2010)
Capital: Abuja
Largest cities: Lagos, Ibadan, Kano
Major languages: English (official), Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa
Major religions: Islam, Christianity, indigenous beliefs
Life expectancy: 49 years (men), 50 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Nigerian naira
Main exports: Petroleum, petroleum products, cocoa, rubber



We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Having firmly and solemnly resolve, to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God, dedicated to the promotion of inter-African solidarity, world peace, international co-operation and understanding

And to provide for a Constitution for the purpose of promoting the good government and welfare of all persons in our country, on the principles of freedom, equality and justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the unity of our people
Do hereby make, enact and give to ourselves the following Constitution