What is Sponsorship?

In simple definition, child sponsorship is an act of  solidarity that gives a better and concrete chance to those that receive it.  For Rock of Fire ONLUS child sponsorship is more than an act of solidarity. It is an embrace that goes beyond borders to arrive to touch a life, (the life of a community, of individuals and of a child). This loving embrace does not extend to anonymous people, but to those we can reach out to.  For our organization, child sponsorship is an idea full of love,  enclosed in an embrace that gives life and touches those who receives it. Your donation is not all that is needed but also your love and attention.You can now make a donation which makes your presence and your nearness much felt .

According to the code of ethics that Rock of Fire ONLUS is part of, child sponsorship is an act of civic responsibility. The donor is a pillar that sustains the lives of these children with sustainable and regular contributions and also the receiver is the organization that guarantee’s the rights and respect of beneficiaries through transparent use of donations.

As a result every donation must necessary appear under the heading child sponsorship to allow for correct management and distribution of the resources from which Rock of Fire ONLUS deducts 10% for administrative purposes. Rock of Fire ONLUS will update periodically all donors on how funds has been spent through news, photos and brief videos. Rock of Fire ONLUS will make public her social budget which can be viewed on her website.

The Rock of Fire Foundation based in Benin City (Edo State) Nigeria, has applied to the Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja (Nigeria) for government approval. The Nigerian born founder of Rock of Fire ONLUS based in Rome, engineer Julius Agoh is always available in Nigeria for the smooth-running of the organization.

# Step 1

Rock of Fire  ONLUS is sensitive to the needs of individuals, falilies and general public; for this reason we urge you to sustain this project: I KNOW YOU BY NAME (CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROJECT).  However the principal cause of deaths in underdeveloped nations in general and the African continent in particular are as a result of malnutrition; an insignificant pathology for the European child which could result in death in his African contemporary.  If you decide to sponsor a child in Benin City (Edo State, Nigeria), through Rock of Fire ONLUS, bear in mind that the adopted child has need of food, clothes, medicines, medical care. By so doing you help the child to develop a dignified existence and to carve a niche for themselves for tomorrow. If you are a mother, you will feel within you that is impossible to deprive a child of a basic necessities of life; if you are a father you will understand that he or she needs a future. If you are not yet a parent, you have the need ti demonstate some measure of  love and help. The required donation is of €26,00 monthly. You may decide to offer more as your heart leads you.  Rock of Fire ONLUS promotes a project of family-sustainability with the aim of alleviating their misery and make them self -sufficient and able to evercome poverty: PROJECT NAIN TO SUPPORT A FAMILY. This project is directed to those women who are abandoned and widows that are not yet able to work (because for example they are deformed or handicapped as a result of accident at the workplace or road-accident) and also are unable neither to feed their children nor garanteed them a good education or medical care.  With € 26,00 monthly we can restore to the family a  normal and dignified life.

# Step 2

DOWNLOAD, fill a form and return the child sponsorship from to Rock of Fire ONLUS, you will receive from us information materials, photographs and other necessary documents for your chosen project. You can choose also the format at the bottom of the page.  Then we require that you pay your monthly, qarterly, half-yearly or yeraly donations through the following channels:      * Online with PayPal; * Postal Payment POST OFFICE CURRENT ACCOUNTS N° 1170994    * Bank transfer IBAN IT80B0760103200000001170994  BIC/SWIFT  BPPIITRRXXX. Click here for fiscal benefits.

# Step 3

From now on Rock of Fire ONLUS will send you e-mails, photos and briefe videos of your adopted child. We will also inform you of new development about our activities in Nigeria as and when due.

# The End

We strongly encourage you to support your project till the end, because this is a moral obligation you have agreed to embark upon with regards to the minor.


Contact us from Monday to Wednesday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at phone number +39 0660666416 or send an e-mail to info@rocciadifuoco.org for more information in italian language.