Rock of fire onlus is a non-profit International Humanitarian Organization, regularly registered in the designated regional registers managed by the Regional Offices of the Inland Revenue Record n° AC/cf/onlus 2008-72429.

She has Head Office and Operating Office in Rome Via Corleone, 24.

She has signed Linee-guida-sostegno-a-distanza Agenzia ONLUS approved by the Agency for third sector

It is also registered in the directory of The Italian Revenue Agency as a receiver of the 5 x 1000 from the taxes on income. It is entered in the child sponsorship charity organization list of Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies 

Rock of fire onlus was until February 2014  a member of   ForumSaD and has signed the Charter of principles for child sponsorship.

The word onlus means: not-for-profit organizations for social utility 

ROCK OF FIRE ONLUS INFORMATION                                                                                              Name Roccia di Fuoco ONLUS Organizzazione Umanitaria Internazionale    General Head Office Via Corleone 24  00132 Roma                                          Tax Code  97516580582                                                                         Charitable fund registered charity No: AC/cf/ONLUS 2008/72429                  Post office current account   1170994                                                               p.e.c.